Council chairman resigns

MONTROSE Community Council chairman Peter Davies has resigned from the organisation after more than a year in the chair.

Mr Davies this week said he had made the decision for “purely personal” reasons and due to other commitments.

He said: “I just have too much to do and I’m trying to do far too much. I do a lot of charity work and, at 76 years of age, it’s difficult.

“I’m involved with the air station heritage centre and I’m chairman of Montrose Together. It’s too much, it’s as simple as that, and common sense says enough is enough.

“I’ve been chairman for about 18 months and think everything that happened under my chairmanship went very well and I think the biggest thing for everybody has been the GSK turbine application, not just for us but for Ferryden too. What’s going to happen with that I don’t know - it’s gone down the middle of the road.”

The community council, as a statutory consultee in the planning process, organised an open meeting last month to help gauge the Montrose community’s opinions on the scheme as a foundation for its own response to GSK’s planning application.

The outcome was discussed by members in private after their regular meeting at the end of February, when the community council decided not to lodge a response either supporting or objecting to the plans.

It was felt that public opinion was “equally divided” on the issue.

The process was not without controversy, however, and the community council was criticised previously over an apparent lack of consultation on GSK’s proposals.

A spokesman for Ferryden-based action group No Way GSK had accused the body of “downright sabotage” for failing to have the issue on its agenda at its meetings after the turbine project was announced and giving local people “a voice in the matter”.

Mr Davies maintained the stance that the correct time to discuss the proposals was after the company’s planning application was lodged, which it was in December.

He said: “It will be up to the community council now to elect a chairman from among its members. I just have too much on my plate.”