Council don't like "Fix-my-street"

A LOCAL resident has said a Montrose junction is dangerous and an accident waiting to happen.

An anonymous Montrose resident reported the problem at Redfield Road and North Esk Road on the website, Fix My Street. The website allows people to report problems in their area such as parking, potholes and graffiti and passes these issues on to the local authority.

But Angus Council have said to ensure a quick response to issues, residents should contact the council directly.

The resident said on "Cars are parking within the lines marking the junction between Redfield Road and Northesk Road. It is very dangerous to approach the junction from either direction because you can't see if oncoming traffic is approaching.

"I have had some very close calls. An accident will happen soon if this continues."

Conservative candidate for Angus, Alberto Costa, praised the website for allowing anyone to register complaints they have in their area and for allowing voters to see what problems exist and whether they've been solved or not.

Mr Costa said: "I think it's very important that the people of Angus get to see how their elected officials are dealing with their concerns and that they have an opportunity to register complaints in a way as simple as on ''.

"From people parking dangerously, to a road bumpy enough to damage car springs in towns like Arbroath and Montrose, anyone can have their say in what needs to be done to make Angus better."

But Angus Council said residents should continue to contact the council directly.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "Angus Council aims to deliver a consistent and high standard of customer care and already operates an effective one-stop system for its customers.

"Anyone with a comment or complaint about a service can contact the council directly via ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778, by email, or by visiting their local ACCESS office.

"An online comments and complaints form is also available at Contacting the council directly ensures that any issues of concern to local people are dealt with efficiently and we would advise customers to use one of these methods to communicate with the council.

"ACCESS staff endeavour to deal with any enquiry at first point of contact, but where they are unable to do this they will immediately forward an enquiry/request to the appropriate department. Customers will be given a unique reference number so that an enquiry can be tracked can if required.

"To ensure that all our customers have equal access to services, the council is now a Typetalk friendly organisation with ACCESSLine staff training to communicate with customers who use a textphone. A telephone interpretation services is also available via ACCESSLine."