Council thanks kerbside users

Angus Council recycling collection lorry
Angus Council recycling collection lorry

Angus Council has thanked residents using the new kerbside scheme as 40 per cent less non-recyclable waste is now being collected.

The new service was rolled out to approximately 55,000 properties between March and November last year to help the drive towards the national target of recycling 60 per cent of all household waste by 2020.

Communities Convener, Councillor Donald Morrison said: “People in Angus have been extremely supportive in the way they have adapted and used the new recycling service.

“The success of our kerbside collection scheme is down in great part to them.

“The amount of waste collected for recycling has risen substantially and has exceeded our expectations.”

At present the council collects 241kg of residual (or non-recyclable) waste from each household, which equates to 4.63kg per week.

Dry recyclables account for 199.9kg and 3.84 kg respectively, and food waste amounts to 89.4kg per year and 1.72kg per week for each property.

The average “contamination” rate for collected co-mingled recycling – or incorrect disposal - was just 3 per cent in the last three months, which is considered to be one of the lowest rates in the country.

Capture rate for the separate collection of food waste is also known to be one of the highest in Scotland.

However, analysis earlier this year revealed 48 per cent of contents of the purple bin, which is used for all non-recyclable waste, could have been placed in the grey bin or brown food caddy for recycling.