Councillor calls for no more delays

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Montrose Councillor David May is calling on the Transport Minister to make “no more delays” on work at the notorious Laurencekirk junction.

The call follows the results of a study supporting a campaign for a flyover.

The findings of a study commissioned by Nestrans identified a grade-separated junction as the preferred option for improving the junction at Laurencekirk, where the A90 meets the A937 Montrose/Marykirk road.

The report also identified opportunities to improve safety at nearby junctions through closures or access restrictions.

Jill Fotheringham, from Montrose, has been campaigning for a flyover at the junction for a number of years and after the findings of the study were revealed there were calls on Facebook for it to be called the ‘Fotheringham Flyover’.

Councillor David May said: “I am delighted to hear that Jill Fotheringham’s petition on the Laurencekirk Flyover, which was recently heard in the Scottish Government infrastructure meeting, that the committee has agreed to keep the petition open until the flyover was in place.

“I am aware from what the Transport Minister has indicated that there are issues which still have to resolved about funding, and it is clear to me that his responsibility is to get this in place.

“It is also clear to me that our council have no role to play in funding this, as this trunk road is the responsibility of his government and Transport Scotland and they have to fund it.

“Derek Mackay, the Transport Minster, has admitted that the evidence is there about the need for a flyover, and I now expect that he and the government will make it a priority, so I call on him to make the decision quickly, set the date and get the work started in the next year.

“There should be no more delays and we should not have to wait for almost another 10 years of little action.

“In my opinion, any delay on making a decision and starting the work on this much-needed junction is a considerable safety issue for the drivers that use the junction.”

He added: “Any delay is also likely to lead to a threat to future jobs in Angus as our chief executive admitted at a council meeting that there was a threat to economic development in Montrose and Angus of being able to attract oil-related jobs and offshore wind jobs, due to the lack of a flyover, as it appears that there may be problems with getting planning permission, and then attracting jobs will be threatened.”