Councillor is calling for action about eroded path

Ferryden and Craig Community Council is calling for action to be taken about Esk Road
Ferryden and Craig Community Council is calling for action to be taken about Esk Road

Ferryden and Craig Community Council chairman Gordon Brown is calling for Angus Council to take action to stop a popular Montrose path being completely eroded away.

The coastal footpath at Esk Road, on Rossie Island, was closed off last month due to erosion as a result of the recent storms.

Mr Brown fears that if long term action is not taken soon it could lead to the path, which runs along Montrose Basin, being permanently closed.

He also raised concerns that the spring tides could cause more of the path to be eroded away.

Mr Brown said: “I asked the council for a short term plan, medium term and long term plan. I can see the short term action has been taken, which was to close it off on safety grounds.

“At that time I discussed with the council the sandbags that are in place already. I suggested that a short term, cheap option might be to install more of these. So far I have not heard of a medium term plan nor a long term plan.”

Bags and gabions, which are cages or boxes filled with rocks, concrete, or sand and soil, have previously been used to prevent further erosion of the footpath.

Enquires have been made to find out who owns the land, as although part of Esk Road is owned by Angus Council, the path is not.

Mr Brown said: “I have seen a letter from Angus Council from January 2008 about instating the large sand bags at points along Esk Road and that they are a temporary solution with a review of these defences after the winter period. They are still in place, and where they are is holding out well.”

He added: “With this in mind it now looks like this issue has been well known about for six years and yet the council are still saying they need to establish ownership. I do not think that we can wait any longer.

“If immediate action is not taken I fear that the resulting erosion and damage will end up with the path being closed permanently.”

The Ferryden Community Council chairman also raised concerns that Esk Road is the only way residents living in Thompson Terrace and Seaview Place can access their homes.

Mr Brown concluded: “There are a few areas that action taken now will save money later. If this had been followed up on in 2008 it would have been a lot less expensive.

“If the council had even put a five year strategy in place, with a bit of funding each year, the works would have been completed last year and the path would be open for people to enjoy.”

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “The footpath at Esk Road has been closed as a safety measure due to the recent storm damage and coastal erosion.

“This area has been subject to previous erosion that has historically been dealt with by localised repairs.

“The council is seeking to identify an appropriate plan for measures with our partners and landowners to protect the vital rail and utility infrastructure and land that is a risk.

“These plans will seek to replace the footpath and it is hoped that a plan of measures will be prepared in the next few months with solutions delivered once agreed thereafter.

For more erosion in Montrose, see page 47 for storm damage to the slipway which Montrose Sailing Club uses.

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