Councillor re-defines ‘major’ planning applications

A DEBATE prompted by the fact that the Montrose GSK wind turbine application need not be considered by the full Angus Council, is likely to lead to a change in council rules.

At present applications which are deemed ‘major’ must be debated by the full council. If an application does not attract major status it goes only to the 10-strong development standards committee and not the 29-member full council.

But somehow the two 130-metre local wind turbines slipped through a crack in the rules to miss out on full council scrutiny.

Now Montrose Independent Councillor Mark Salmond is to place a motion before Thursday’s council meeting to improve standing rules.

He said that the GSK application was the catalyst for his move, but he emphasised that this is about the wider procedures involved and not this single proposal.

Councillor Salmond added: “My personal view is that we should be looking towards making the determination of planning applications which might have a potentially significant impact on a community as open and inclusive as possible - democracy max, if you like.”

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