Course superintendent in Australian golf magazine


NIALL Bruce, superintendent of the Montrose Links Golf Courses, is usually to be found hard at work making sure that conditions for golfers are the very best they can be.

But Niall has been seen in an unexpected place more recently.

He is pictured in glorious colour in the Australian magazine ‘Turf Craft’, which is “dedicated to those responsible for the care of sporting and recreational turf”.

A regular contributor, John Forrest, is a professional agronomist and is a lecturer at a college in Perth, Western Australia.

Equipped with camera, notebook and a lively interest, he paid the town a visit last year, during the Montrose Open.

He has a particular interest in erosion, and this was another reason why he was drawn to the east coast links.

Mr Forrest combined pleasure with pleasure, and also played several other courses in the area.

He clearly admires the work that Niall does on the Montrose Links, and in his preamble says he has to cope with: “A very fine balance between nature and the golf playing surface requirements.”

Niall explained the constraints imposed on him and his staff by the increasingly austere weather conditions.

He also revealed that many dustings of sand are administered to greens, and they also receive seaweed extract and wetting agents.

‘Turf Craft’ does not restrict itself to golf courses, and there are items about cricket pitches, race courses, football pitches and bowling greens.

Another Scottish venue is also featured, Currie Bowling Club, where Mr Forrest speaks to the greenkeeper, Tam Melville, who only took the job on 10 years ago - when he was 65.

r The magazine’s front cover has a photograph of a truly impressive, deep, revetted bunker on the Medal Course which, to the faint-hearted, appears to be licking its lips in anticipation of its next meal.