Courtesy, and plain common sense

To take a variation on the theme expressed by my colleague on the facing page, it’s well past the time for motorists and pedestrians to wake up and be aware of what’s going on around them.

On Saturday, my wife and I opted to spend a sunny afternoon in Arbroath and parked up in the Abbeygate car park (it could just as easily have been in Forfar, Brechin or Montrose).

We had a pleasant time, but it was somewhat blunted by the carry on in trying to reverse from the parking space while avoiding stray cars and people .

A couple, oblivious to all but themselves, wandered into the path of my rear bumper while the car was moving backwards. It had been clear when I started to reverse.

At the second attempt I was half way through the manouvre when a black Kia Picanto suddenly reversed at speed towards us. A lightening shift into first gear narrowly avoided a collision, not that the two women in the Kia would have noticed as they were far too busy yapping to each other.

At the third attempt a black BMW waited until I was half way out of the space and then decided to do the same thing, the driver only becoming aware of the impending collision when the chap in the car next to mine sounded his horn (thanks man!).

Finally, and more than a wee bit disgruntled, we emerged from the car park intending to head for home and safety when it almost happened again - this time a taxi, reversing onto the main road - which only stopped when I sounded my horn.

Surely it’s not asking too much for a wee bit of courtesy to be mixed in with a large dose of common sense when you’re driving - let alone walking - behind moving vehicles in a busy car park?

Mike Rankin


Angus South