70-year-old guilty of drunken fracas charge

JOHN Francis Foy (70), 28 Provost Johnston Road, was fined a total of £80 at Arbroath Sheriff Court last Tuesday for offences that one might more easily associate with a person 50 years younger.

He pleaded guilty to the charges that on December 29, at 2 to 40 Provost Johnston Road, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner that would place a normal person in a state of fear and alarm, shouting and swearing, threatening a male, and repeatedly banging on an office door.

He further admitted that on the same occasion he assaulted a male, grabbed him by the body and pointed a finger at him.

Sheriff Jamie Gilmour was told that Foy had been resident at the complex for a number of years, had been standing by the kitchen door.

Depute Fiscal Jill Drummond continued, illustrating her narrative with some of Foy’s more colourful remarks. He had been asked what he had been looking for at the kitchen door, and replied to the effect that he did not have to say.

A care worker told Foy that it was not appropriate for him to be in the communal lounge, but Foy made a grab at him.

Foy was eventually persuaded to go to his room, and an alarm was switched on to indicate if he left. Shortly afterwards it rang, and Foy was heard banging on the office door, shouting and swearing.

Foy told the Sheriff that he would try to reduce his drinking and would hopefully be able to stop.