Alcohol seized under Operation Dry-up

Local police have seized a quantity of alcohol from Montrose youngsters as part of Police Scotland’s continuing Operation Dry-Up.

Cider, lager, vodka and schnapps were taken from a group of young people, aged between 14 and 17, in the Mid Links area on Friday, May 24.

The seizure was part of a joint operation between the Montrose community team and Tayside Council on Alcohol under the Angus-wide initiative to tackle underage drinking and associated antisocial behaviour.

The campaign aims to reduce the risk to vulnerable teenagers involved in under-age drinking as well as tackle the knock-on effect to the wider community.

Incidents of vandalism, disorderly behaviour, crimes of violence and even serious crime can often follow as a result of the misuse of alcohol by young people.

Alcohol will be confiscated from any youngster caught in possession of it and their parents will be contacted.

Community officer Ally Hutchison said that although the incidents of young people drinking on the streets or in ‘drinking dens’ has reduced, the campaign will continue especially with the approach of the school holidays.

He said: “I wouldn’t say it was the norm and it’s no something we’re coming across terribly often. More often than not the kids are drinking at home or at friend’s houses.

“We’ll be following this up with further operations throughout the year.

“Once seized, the alcohol will be disposed of and we’d normally bring the young people back to the office and their parents would be called to come and collection them.

“On this occasion that didn’t happen as they had seen us, left the alcohol and it wasn’t found on their person.

“I’d appeal to parents to make sure they know where their children are and what they’re up to as well as remind people that anyone buying alcohol for or supplying it to underage young people will be prosecuted.”