Angus couple targeted by woodworm scam

Bogus workmen targeted an elderly couple
Bogus workmen targeted an elderly couple

Bogus workmen have scammed an elderly Angus couple out of thousands of pounds by claimed they had found woodworm in their roof.

However, the men had arrived at the address in Montrose with a handful of maggots.

The incident happened in March and there are concerns criminals may be targeting households in the area after a similar call was made at an address in Westmuir on Wednesday.

On this occasion, the bank intervened after becoming suspicious of their elderly customers’ request to withdraw £3000.

In the first incident, elderly householders answered their door to bogus workmen who claimed they had noticed loose slates on their roof.

They convinced their way in and persuaded the couple that work was urgently needed. At one point they presented the couple with a handful of live maggots and passed them off as woodworm they had found in the wall cavities.

The couple were convinced and, during the course of the so-called work, paid out £5000.

An Angus Council statement on the incident said: “Trading standards believe these con artists may be part of organised criminal groups operating across the UK, targeting older or more vulnerable consumers.

“Trading standards advice is when you get an unsolicited caller at your door, on the phone, or get an approach via email - Just Say NO.

“Don’t be pressurised in to having work done or buying goods. Always ask callers for ID (legitimate callers don’t mind). If you’re still suspicious, close the door.

“Get a DOORSTOPPERS warning sticker from your local ACCESS office or community library. You can also download it from our website. It states you don’t want cold callers at your door.

“If you do need work done, ask friends or neighbours for recommendations, or use a Trusted Trader via the Angus Reputable Trader Scheme.

“And be a good neighbour. If your neighbour lives alone, is elderly, or vulnerable and you see work being done in their house or garden, then take an interest, be suspicious, be a wee bit nosey!

“If you have concerns over who is carrying out the work check with Trading Standards. Reporting incidents helps to fight doorstep crime. If you think a crime is being committed or you or someone you know feels threatened, contact Police Scotland on 101.”