Bogus callers are still on the prowl

LOCAL householders are being warned to be on their guard against strangers cold-calling and asking for access.

Tayside Police issued the warning after two instances in the area of elderly residents being targeted.

An 83-year-old woman answered her door at about 9.30am and a man walked in uninvited and distracted her while another man sneaked in and stole a three-figure sum of cash.

The same day, an elderly woman opened her door to a scruffy-looking man in a black hooded jacket with the hood up. He claimed to be there to fix the water.

As he distracted the woman, another man came in and stole a three-figure amount of money.

Police are asking all residents to be suspicious of anyone arriving unannounced at their door. Householders should ensure that doors are secure, even when at home, and use a door chain.

They should not let anyone in until they are certain of who they are, or who they claim to represent.

If anyone claims to represent a business, authority or agency householders should demand to see their identification.

Even then if suspicions remain, residents should close the door and check with the company the caller claims to represent. Do not take the number from the person on the doorstep, but instead check the phone directory or Yellow Pages.

Anyone still suspicious should not let the person in and should contact police. Neighbours are asked to look out for one another and report any suspicious activity immediately.

Anyone with information should call Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222, or speak to any officer.