Claims of breakneck speed near school

CLAIMS of commuters paying no heed to the 30mph speed limit on Hospital Road, Hillside, past the school and out to the restriction signs, were taken seriously at Wednesday’s meeting of Hillside, Logie Pert and Dun Community Council.

Resident Caroline Allen said that drivers appear to be using the road as a shortcut to the A90, and are drastically exceeding the safe, legal limit.

In addition, some are ignoring the mini-roundabout at the entrance to Rosemount Primary School, and failing to slow down, again at speed.

This may be in the belief that since the gate to the former Sunnyside Royal Hospital has been locked, there will be no other traffic at the roundabout.

She said the crunch times are between 6 and 8 am, and 5 and 7pm.

Chairman Mrs Kitty Ritchie recalled that the matter had been raised a year ago, but without success.

Constable Tracy Brown, who was representing Tayside Police at the meeting, said the problem had been reported to her, and she had contacted Inspector Grant Edwards of the road policing section.

He, in turn, has notified every local officer to be aware of the problem, and to take appropriate action.

Constable Brown asked for registration numbers of vehicles which were clearly offending to be passed to her.

She added that it did not make sense to her to use that road as a shortcut, in any case.

It was also suggested that although all the legally required speed restriction signs are in place, some are obscured by growing trees and bushes.

Mrs Ritchie said that NHS Tayside should be contacted about some of the overgrown trees and shrubs.

Councillor David May said that Angus Council’s roads department should also be contacted, with a view to cutting back intrusive greenery.

He added that when there were speeding concerns at Charleton, a police ‘black box’ was successfully placed there to collect evidence.

After the meeting the Review had a look at the stretch of road concerned.

Part of the problem seems to be that unless the driver is actually concentrating on what he is doing, it is possible to believe that he is on a de-restricted road.

The section where the road is lined by trees, between the Sunnyside entrances, is the critical one where it is claimed speeds increase well above the legal limit.