Council warns of ‘phone scam

LOCAL people are being urged to be aware of a ‘phone scam which has been reported to Angus Council’s trading standards service.

Consumers are receiving calls claiming they are entitled to a refund on services such as electricity, gas, water bills, phone bills or bank charges.

The caller has a foreign accent and claims to be from a bank or the government.

In the cases reported, the caller knew the consumer’s name and address as well as their ‘phone number.

In at least one case, they also quoted the first few numbers of the consumer’s bank account.

The callers are extremely persistent and usually ask the consumer for a date of birth and bank account details so that a cheque can be sent.

These calls are all coming from an Arbroath telephone number, however trading standards officers point out that UK based landline numbers can easily be purchased by anyone, anywhere, and used to mask the true origin of the call.

The advice from trading standards is:

* Never simply trust that a call from a UK or locally-based phone number, actually originates from this area.

* Never give out personal details especially bank account, credit card or debit card details.

If in doubt and for more information contact the council’s trading standards service on 01241 435600.