Councillor praises police

Law-abiding motorists in Montrose are taking heart from the fact that police are responding to public concern, and are tackling illegal and inconsiderate parking.

Councillor David May has praised local officers for issuing parking tickets to those who have been regarding double yellow lines as an area where they can get away with parking.

The Review has carried many stories from readers about the problems that are being encountered.

It has been also said several times in our pages that if shoppers cannot find a short-term parking space in the town centre, they will simply take their purchasing power elsewhere.

Commenting on the increased police activity, Councillor May said: “I hope drivers take heed of this and return to parking properly in Montrose before we have accidents, and also so that disabled drivers are not finding that their designated spaces are taken up by others.”

Councillor May also underlined the effect on local shops and businesses of cars parked both in illegal places and long-term in short-term bays.

The Review understands that local officers have got the bit between their teeth now, and are proposing to carry out further checks on illegal parking.