Do you know who created this disgrace at Broomfield, Montrose?

Our pictures show items dumped at the car park at the far end of Broomfield.
Our pictures show items dumped at the car park at the far end of Broomfield.

A reader let the Review know about fly tipping going on at Broomfield, when you take the road as far as it will go, past the Roselea ground to ‘the dog-walkers’ car park.

She said that a bag of domestic waste had appeared a little while before the other debris, which looks like someone has been demolishing a shed roof.

The household rubbish includes potatoes which appeared to our reporter to be in perfect, raw, usable condition; as well as wrappers, containers and many other items which could have been placed in the new recycling or food waste bins.

Inevitably, bags have burst open and rubbish is being blown about the area.

A gentleman walking a dog was scathing about the mindset of people who would despoil a pleasant outdoor area, and was also concerned about the risk to dogs which might stick a nose in a bag and receive a nasty cut from a tin can.

Our original informant was adamant that the material had been dumped by someone with a good deal of local knowledge. She felt a stranger would not have known about the place where the items were dumped, which is a fair distance from the nearest built-up area.

It has also been suggested to the Review that the dumping of domestic material may be an act of defiance by someone who disapproves of Angus Council’s efforts to meet national recycling targets.

The final irony is that to get to the area where the rubbish was fly-tipped, the criminal(s) involved would have had to drive past the Council’s recycling depot, and keep going for some distance.