Drink and drive? Think - and survive!

TAYSIDE Police have been pro-active during the second week of this year’s Festive drink/drugs campaign.

Two drivers, both men, were arrested and reported for drink driving offences during the week.

Police say that, overall, this is a significant decrease on the numbers arrested during the second week of last year’s campaign, when a total of four drivers were arrested for drink driving and one was arrested for driving whilst impaired by drugs. Yet again the public have been instrumental in these detections by providing the police with information, with one of the detections directly attributable to a call from member of the public.

Both of these drivers now face the possibility of having their vehicle forfeited. Police say they are in the age-group between 26 and 55 years. Neither of the drivers detected had been involved in a road traffic collision.

In addition, Tayside Police have continued to focus on other offences related to road safety, with 28 drivers reported for seat belt offences, 21 for mobile ‘phone offences and 92 for speeding.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, head of road policing, said: “The public support for this campaign has again been outstanding and with the reduction in offenders detected this week we can only hope that those tempted to get behind the wheel of their vehicles whilst impaired by drink or drugs, have thought better off it. Working together we can rid our road of these selfish individuals who are not only willing to risk their lives but our lives for the sake of having a drink.

“I again take the opportunity to urge everyone to continue providing the Police with information so that we can detect drink and drug drivers and place them before the courts at the earliest opportunity.”

The Chief Inspector continued: “I would also like to thank all the drivers who have heeded our advice and left their cars at home. The majority of drivers have enjoyed their night out without the risk of danger.

“It is not worth taking the risk. Already within the first few days of this campaign we have had one driver disqualified from driving for 18 months and the same driver was fined £670. I am sure this was an unwanted Christmas present but many more drivers will suffer similar consequences when they appear at court.

“There will be many people looking forward to their Christmas night out with colleagues and friends. Most people are responsible and we would like to thank them for heeding our advice. Don’t be the one that takes the chance and drives home. When you are stopped and we find that you are impaired we will not be sympathetic, there are no exceptions, you will be arrested and appear before the court. It is very simple, if you doubt your ability to drive leave the car – Don’t Risk It.”

If any member of the public wishes to report a drink/drug driver please call Tayside Police on 033 111 2222 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.