Drivers warned against theft

MOTORISTS are being warned to move their belongings out of view when parking their cars to avoid becoming the victims of theft.

Tayside Police have issued a general warning following a spate of incidents in Dundee.

Items including satellite navigation systems, mobile phones, iPods, bags and wallets have been targeted by thieves but the force has said drivers can avoid becoming victims of theft by employing simple security measures.

Drivers must make sure that no property is left in open view. If items cannot be taken out of the car, they should be hidden out of sight in the boot. Doors should be locked and, windows closed.

Stereo units should be removed wherever possible. Anyone with a face-off stereo should take the front fascia off as, without it the unit useless and less likely to be stolen.

Vehicles should be parked in a busy area and, at night, somewhere that has good lighting or in a garage. Drivers should also consider fitting an alarm or immobiliser.

Anyone who has information regarding thefts from vehicles can contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.