Fears for Kinnaber bikers

NOT ONLY have young motorcyclists in the Kinnaber area been putting themselves at risk by not wearing safety gear, but they have been vandalising fences.

Wednesday’s meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council heard that wires had been cut at a field that had been fenced for cattle so it could be entered.

Members who had seen people in the fields said they appear to be aged around 14 to 17, and there is increasing activity as weather improves and daylight gets longer.

No land-owner involved appears to have given permission for the bikers, who are not wearing crash helmets.

Chairman Mrs Kitty Ritchie said that police should be contacted as a first response.

And this brought forth the information that police had impounded a bike.

It was then revealed that there are similar problems at Rosemount.

Kinnaber and Rosemount came up in another discussion, about fly-tipping.

Someone had deposited items - which included a letter from her bank which bore her name and address.

Police were involved and it had been established that the council’s recycling yard was actually closer to the person’s house than where the fly-tipping had occurred.

In another instance, a member of the public had taken a registration number from a vehicle involved in fly-tipping, and this had been quickly passed to police who had dealt with it.