Fuel theft warning for farmers

LOCAL farmers and businesses are being warned to be on their guard against fuel thieves who are still operating in the area.

At last week’s Montrose Community Council meeting, members were told during their regular police report that fuel thefts in Angus, particularly in rural areas, are still cause for concern.

Constable Alan McDonald said there have been many reports of commercial premises being targeted, with fuel taken from storage tanks as well as vehicles.

He said: “Fuel has also been drained from tanks on farms and we’ve been trying to advise people to improve their security and CCTV coverage.

“We’ve also had a lot of active patrols in rural areas to try to dissuade people from this activity and to try to catch people in the act.

“A lot of farmers in the past haven’t had to take their security too much into consideration. It’s a hard habit to break but there have been premises hit on more than one occasion.”

In his report, Constable McDonald also said that dealing with speeding and antisocial driving in the Montrose district is high on the local force’s agenda, with close attention being paid to areas in Hillside and Montrose following complaints from the public.

He said: “We’re still getting complaints about, mainly about younger drivers, in Traill Drive regarding antisocial behaviour and noise nuisance.

“It’s at least outwith a built-up area but it’s a popular place for walking and for children to be out and about. We’re trying to put pressure on them to encourage them to change their ways and we can still seize vehicles through antisocial driving legislation.”