Grieving father gives evidence in Montrose murder trial

Flowers left as a tribute to Kimberley MacKenzie
Flowers left as a tribute to Kimberley MacKenzie

A grieving dad today (Tuesday) told a jury how his daughter waved and smiled at him just hours before she was allegedly murdered.

Terence MacKenzie (66), from Montrose, was giving evidence at the trial of Steven Jackson (40) and Michelle Higgins (29), who deny murdering 37-year-old Kimberley MacKenzie and cutting up her body.

Mr MacKenzie said that he saw his daughter walking along Montrose High Street sometime between 11.30am and noon on October 27, 2015, as he drove along.

He told the High Court in Glasgow that his daughter was wearing a blue cagoule, brown trousers and trainers.

Earlier the jury heard that Kimberley died at Jackson’s home at 40A Market Street, Montrose, on October 27, 2015.

Parts of her dismembered body were found by police in various locations in Montrose between November 4 and 18, 2015.

Mr MacKenzie said he became concerned when his daughter did not contact him on October 28, 2015.

He said: “She was due money that day and she never turned up for her bank card which I had.

“I went to the police station in Montrose and reported her missing.”

Michelle Emslie (33), told the court that Miss MacKenzie had been in a relationship with Jackson, which had ended in early August 2015.

Ms Emslie, a friend of Kimberley for 12 years, said that Jackson then became involved in a relationship with his co-accused Higgins.

Ms Emslie said she saw Kimberley and Jackson in the Co-op about 4.40pm on October 26.

They left together and she told the court they were going to discuss a text message that had been sent from Jackson’s mobile phone.

The message said that Kimberley wasn’t allowed to go near his house at all.

Prosecutor Ashley Edwards QC asked: “Were they going back to his house to sort things out?”

Ms Emslie replied: “Yes.”

She was then asked if she ever saw Kimberley again and broke down in tears saying: “No.”

The jury was told that a week later police came to her house and told her they were looking for Kimberley who was missing.

Ms Emslie said: “I went to Steve’s house the next day.

“I went up to his house and I was banging at the windows.”

She said it was about 4pm and there were no lights on.

Ms Edwards asked: “Did you notice anything?”

She replied: “I noticed a smell coming from inside the building while I was standing outside the close.”

The prosecutor then asked: “Can you describe the smell?”

Ms Emslie replied: “Rotten.”

Jackson and Higgins are also accused of dismembering Kimberley’s body using a saw, knives and a screwdriver and wrapping parts in bin liners and bags and hiding them in bins at Market Street, Patons Lane, Chapel Street and William Phillips Drive.

It is alleged that her head and other body parts were in a rucksack and suitcase concealed in a shower cubicle at an address in William Phillips Drive.

The pair are also alleged to have disposed of clothing and footwear worn by Kimberley and washed their own clothing between October 27 and November 4, 2015.

The trial at Glasgow High Court before judge Lady Rae continues.