Hooliganism at Kinnaber - fly-tipping and vandalism

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THE NEW cycle and foot path at Kinnaber, leading to the old railway bridge over the North Esk, is proving popular with its many users.

But the path and its surroundings have become the target of vicious vandals.

For a number of weeks staff at Kinnaber Farm have been finding fences cut between the path and the adjacent fields.

And on Thursday a reader alerted us to fly-tipping which left part of the middle car park unfit for use.

As can be seen from the accompanying picture, a number of scrap garden implements were dumped, wholly illegally.

In addition to the grass-cutters, there is an old vacuum cleaner.

When the Review visited, there were broken parts of plastic lying on the farm track that bisects the pathway, and the larger bits appeared to have been thrown into the car park.

Farmer David Smart was horrified when we broke the news to him.

He told us that during discussions about creating the cycle path he had questioned, because of previous problems of a similar nature, whether that car park should be reinstated.

Mr Smart added that he would now have to consider whether or not the decision taken had been the correct one.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said later the same day: “We have uplifted this rubbish and would remind people that it is an offence to fly-tip.

“Anyone with items for disposal should take them to our recycling centres or request a special uplift by ‘phoning the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”

Mr Smart is also dismayed by the deliberate cutting of wire fences.

He told us: “We are required, as part of a Government environmental scheme, to put sheep into the field where this damage is being done, and it is essential that the wire is intact.”

There is speculation that the repeated damage to the wire night be more than mindless vandalism, and could be the work of people who catch rabbits with the aid of ferrets but without permission.

Police have been informed, and in a statement they said: “Newly erected fencing around two fields at Kinnaber, for the purpose of grazing livestock, has been vandalised by cutting the wire mesh fence and pulling it back to allow free unrestricted access into the fields.

“Anyone having information regarding this is urged to contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.”

Mr Smart concluded: “It is also appreciated when those walking make proper use of the spring gates and kissing gates.

“This is an area where working farm meets recreational area.

“Ninety-seven per cent of the people who use the facility do so in the proper spirit of the countryside code.

“I would like them to watch out for the others and either speak to them or, if that is inadvisable, contact police with as many details as possible.”

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