MP supports Westminster’s Legal Highs bill

Legel Highs
Legel Highs

Angus MP Mike Weir has welcomed the UK government’s Psychoactive Substances Bill, which received its Second Reading in the House of Commons on Monday.

Commenting on the Bill Mr Weir said: “So called Legal Highs are causing huge misery in communities throughout the country and we have seen very strong campaigns in our local communities against them and, in particular, against the shops which sell them. Police Scotland have been very active in tackling this menace.

“The purpose of the Bill is to seek to tackle the supply of these horrible substances at source and put an end to this trade. The Bill has widespread support across the House of Commons and was passed without a vote at its second reading stage.”

Mr Weir did point out in the debate that there were some areas of the bill that needed amendment and that there appeared to be an anomaly between those who bought substances in shops and those who bought over the Internet.

“It seems to me that if someone imports and possesses a small amount of the substance over the internet he is criminalised, but if he bought it in a head shop, for example, he would not be criminalised, which seems a strange provision. We strongly support provisions to deal with people who have these substances with intent to supply, or are supplying them to people in an evil trade, but to criminalise people for having small amounts of these substances is slightly dangerous.”