People ignoring the dangers - don’t risk it!

OVER 50 people have been fined in Tayside for failing to wear seatbelts during a co-ordinated campaign by Scottish police forces to crack down on motoring offences.

A further 17 drivers were also caught speeding during the 24-hour initiative, which ran over Wednesday and Thursday last week. One motorist was caught travelling at more than 100mph on the A90 dual carriageway near Forfar.

Fixed penalties of £60 were issued to 53 drivers and three passengers for not wearing seatbelts, one of whom was 15 years old.

Sergeant Watson Fraser, of Tayside Police’s Road Policing Unit, said the results indicated that some people are ignoring the dangers in the event of an accident.

He said: “In one incident, a 15-year-old child was travelling in the front passenger seat unrestrained. In the event of a collision the likely dreadful consequences do not bear thinking about.

“In such circumstances, serious injury or death are very real possibilities and I urge all drivers who might believe it will never happen to them to think again. Collisions do happen and you might be involved - don’t risk it.”

Sergeant Fraser also condemned speeding, pointing out that the stopping distance for anyone travelling at more than 100mph would be the equivalent of almost two football pitches.

He said: “To travel in excess of 100 miles per hour is completely unacceptable. The already likely potential for things to go badly wrong is dramatically increased when you consider that there are so many external factors beyond the driver’s control.

“By travelling at excessive speed drivers are exposing themselves and everyone else around them to significant risk, where the split-second loss of concentration can result in a collision. That in turn, can lead to tragedy and inconsolable grief to all those involved, so please respect the speed limits.”