Reader furious at repeated vandalism to Marquis

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A MONTROSE man is incensed by the continual vandalism suffered by the statue of the Marquis of Montrose in Castle Place.

He wrote: I’m sure the exhibition and lecture [at Montrose Museum] to celebrate the life of the Marquis of Montrose will attract many locals and visitors. Hopefully, they won’t stroll up Castle Place to view his statue.”

The gentleman, who asked not to be named, continued: “The poor man has had his sword blade, scabbard and spurs vandalised. What happened to our much-vaunted CCTV system? There’s a camera across the road!”

The gentleman asked if anyone has ever been caught vandalising the statue.

He continued: “Whose brilliant idea was it to place the statue on the ground instead of on a raised plinth?

“I cringed when I recently saw two German tourists pointing out the missing items, and laughing.”

The statue was commissioned by the local Marquis of Montrose Society and unveiled on August 4, 2000, by the Duke of Montrose.

Its unveiling coincided with the 350th anniversary of the execution of the Marquis at the Mercat Cross in Edinburgh.

In 2003 our Gable Ender, Forbes Inglis, was outraged the reaction of a group from elsewhere in the UK to another instance of vandalising.

He wrote: “I was disappointed to read, in a Scottish Sunday broadsheet, an article about the persistent vandalising of the statue of the Marquis of Montrose, a quote from ‘a spokesman for the Marquis of Montrose Society.’ The anonymous spokesman is quoted as saying ‘It’s the nature of some people in towns like Montrose. They have no appreciation of quality or history.’”

Mr Inglis continued: “I don’t see how the, probably drunken, boneheads who do such damage should reflect on the town itself. Vandalism is endemic in our society as a whole. Vandals, as a group, are the same people who destroyed the statue of Donald Dewar in Glasgow and broke the trees here, in the Churchyard walk, in 1842.”