Safety cameras reduce deaths

Tayside Safety Camera Partnership has welcomed the publication of the Key Scottish Safety Camera Statistics for 2011.

The report confirms trends in personal injury crash reduction as seen in previous bulletins. The number of people killed or seriously injured at safety camera sites in Scotland, for the last three years, is on average 68% lower following camera enforcement. Collisions involving personal injuries have reduced as an average from 1,054 to 547 at these sites, a decrease of 48%.

Arron Duncan, Tayside Safety Camera Partnership Manager, said: “These figures show that the highly visible deterrent effect of safety cameras continues to make a crucial contribution to improving driving behaviour. Four out of five people in Scotland support the use of safety cameras to help to make roads safer.”

Kathleen Braidwood, RoSPA Road Safety Officer said: “The number of deaths on Scotland’s roads fell again in 2011. This report reinforces the benefit of safety cameras in contributing to the reduction in crashes and casualties. The use of safety cameras as an integral measure in achieving casualty reduction is recognised in the Scottish Road Safety Framework.”

The full statistical publication can be accessed at: