Scam aimed at older citizens

A PARTICULARLY nasty scam was described to the Review on Monday, by a lady who was too alert to fall for it.

But it is possible that a high-pressure sales company is targeting older people living on their own and who might be persuaded they have become forgetful.

The lady said she had received a ‘phone call from a very confident male, who knew her name, and who said he was calling in response to her letter complaining of her aches and pains. Well aware that she had written no such letter, the lady vehemently told him so.

He put on a coy sort of voice and said: “Now, now, you’ve forgotten sending it, haven’t you!”

She put her ‘phone down, planning to dial 1471 to find the caller’s number, but was interrupted by a visitor and before she could find the number another ‘phone call came in.

After thinking long and hard she came to the conclusion that the whole thing was a despicable scam, with the caller hoping to convince the elderly and vulnerable victim that they had written such a letter - before sending in a high pressure salesman.

And this has been confirmed to the Review by another source, whose mother received a similar call. She is made of robust stuff, and left the caller in no doubt that his call was not welcome.

But he said he would send a salesman anyway and named a day and time.

And the salesman arrived. The lady was alert to the possibility, and did not answer the door.

Eventually she heard a car door close, and the salesman drove away.

Then the ‘phone calls started. There were several attempts to make contact before the man gave up and presumably set off to try to sell unwanted items to a softer target.

The lady who came to our office said we should alert not only elderly folk who might be persuaded they had forgotten writing a letter but, importantly, their carers.

We would advise anyone who receives similar calls to contact Police as soon as possible.