Selfish fly-tippers blight North Esk at Kinnaber

A SHOCKING case of fly-dumping of old motor-tyres has been revealed to the Review.

A gentleman who frequently walks out Kinnaber Road from Hillside called to say that up to 50 tyres had been rolled down a hill towards the Northesk.

The tyres had been let loose from a small, rough-surfaced pull-in at the side of the road, a hundred yards or so from where Kinnaber Road joins the A92.

Our reporter was quite appalled when he arrived and saw the extent of the tipping.

Some tyres had rolled as far as the water, in what appears to be an old mill lade, while others became stuck or wedged at the first tree they struck.

Whilst there is a barbed-wire fence along part of the edge of the pull-in, it is poor condition, and is non-existent where the tyres have been dumped.

The Review clambered up the steep slope to examine the tyres, and it was clear that whilst some had been there at least since the trees started to shed their leaves, others were more recent arrivals.

A few other items of rubbish were present, including, bizarrely, a toothpaste tube in its cardboard box, and what might have been a vehicle fuel tank, almost consumed by rust.

Our informant said that the number of tyres had increased in the past few weeks.

The matter was raised at Wednesday’s meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council, and members will pay attention to any vehicles parked in the vicinity.

Speaking from Montrose Police Station, Constable Alistair Hutchison told the Review that he was “disgusted” when he went to see the dumped tyres.

He emphasised that the area is now receiving extra attention from Police, and he urged the public to report any strange vehicles parked in that little lay-by. If someone feels that tyres are being dumped there and then, they should take the vehicle’s number and call 999.

Otherwise, use the non-emergency number, 0300 111 2222.

Fly-tipping of this nature can attract a fine of up to £1,000.