Speeding on A935?

MR ROD Morrison, who lives on the A935 Montrose to Brechin road, within the 30 mph speed limit, is alarmed by the number of vehicles he sees which he believes are travelling well in excess of that.

He believes that both Angus Council and Tayside Police are not fulfilling their duties to deter drivers from exceeding the limit, and also believes that insufficient use is being made of vehicle-activated speed warning signs.

He wrote to Angus Council: “Why has Padanaram, which has a row of approximately 20 cottages facing open fields, got an electronically activated speed 30mph sign? And at Maryton yet another? Montrose is being deprived by having no speed signs on any of its entry/exit roads, the A935 and the A92 north/south and Hillside.”

In another letter he wrote: “This is a 30mph limit and I have been referred by the police traffic department that this is an Angus council issue. [Nearby] neighbours have experienced pictures falling off walls and my home shakes morning and evening at rush hours.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council told us: “Angus Council takes the matter of road safety very seriously and roads division officers have carried out a number of investigations on the A935 following complaints raised over perceived speeding. The last survey carried out on the A935 in the area in question returned an average speed, over seven days, of 32.1 mph and confirmed that 85 per cent of all traffic was travelling at or under 37 mph.

“We have been in discussions with Tayside Police Roads Policing Unit who are responsible for enforcement of speed restrictions and they reaffirm that they continue to give this location high levels of enforcement attention.

“The latest speed surveys for the A935 confirm that there is no significant speeding problem so we have no plans for any further action in the area.

“We provide mobile speed reminder signs in villages and other areas in Angus in conjunction with advice from Tayside Police as to where they would be most effective. Signs are provided on the A935 for east and west bound traffic entering and exiting Montrose in the Tayock area.

“We have approximately 30 locations for the provision of these signs in Angus; the locations are part of a rotational programme where signs are deployed for around three months then moved on to the next locations on the programme. The signs on the A935 were only recently removed and are due back in May 2013.”

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