Successful country roads campaign

TAYSIDE Police stopped well over 300 vehicles and detected more than 100 offences during a weekend long ‘clamp down’ exercise.

The three-day operation was aimed at enhancing driver awareness about the dangers of speeding as well as the various hazards that can arise on country roads.

In total Tayside Police stopped 316 vehicles to provide drivers with road safety advice or deal with road traffic legislation violations. Officers also provided road safety leaflets to the 150 motorcyclists involved in Dundee Bikers Forum Easter fun run on Saturday.

Sixty drivers were issued with Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty (COFPN) or were reported to the Procurator Fiscal for speed related offences. A further 28 drivers were handed a fixed penalty offer for not wearing a seatbelt, plus one driver was penalised for not ensuring that a 10-year-old child was suitably restrained in the back of his car.

Fixed penalty offers were given to 24 drivers who were detected for mobile ‘phone offences and a total of six people were arrested for drink driving offences.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman said: “Over the course of the weekend we received several calls from concerned drivers about the driving standards they witnessed on our roads.

“We all have role to play and a duty to one another in trying to make the roads safer.

“The vast majority of drivers do this and they have shown that they will not suffer those who place others at risk. But, despite the attempts to educate drivers, some appear to remain totally oblivious to the potential risks that they are taking.

“Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a dreadful experience for such people to realise the error of their ways, by which time a friend, family member or innocent law abiding road user can be caught up in their irresponsible and utterly avoidable action.

“Don’t let this finger be pointed at you!”

Travelling even just a bit too fast at the wrong time and place or a minor error or lapse in concentration can be catastrophic. When things go wrong, the impact on those involved can be devastating and life changing. Experience has shown that many tragic situations could have been avoided if simple common sense road safety messages had been heeded.

With improving weather and increasing volumes of traffic on the roads all drivers must think about their use of the roads and be aware of all of the dangers that can arise and be prepared at all times.

Tayside Police and Tayside Safety Camera Partnership will continue to reach out to drivers to educate them and enforce legislation as required throughout the course of the year.