Sunnyside security has been tightened

SECURITY in the grounds of the former Sunnyside Royal Hospital has been stepped up - and as a result there has been a reduction in thefts on the site.

This was announced at Wednesday’s meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council by Inspector Hamish Gray.

He gave as one example of the higher profile security Police and Coastguards using the grounds for exercises.

And as a particular disincentive, Grampian Police firearms group is making use of the area.

The Inspector was particularly delighted by the public response to pleas for help.

The last incident at the site was dealt with after a resident ‘phoned in a report of a suspicious vehicle after midnight.

He added that there had been a dozen break-ins in the period up to September 1, but since then, not one.

In addition to the use of the grounds by emergency services for training, the grounds are patrolled by a security firm.

He said that those caught had not all been from the local area. One bunch of miscreants had travelled to the area from Glasgow.

He urged anyone who saw anything suspicious and ongoing to dial 999 and call police.

The discussion moved on to speeding vehicles and community councillor Jim Simpson said that traffic in Brechin Road was moving very quickly.

Inspector Gray said that current speed detection was concentrated on Charleton Road, but But Tayock would be next. He added: “Speeds have increased now corners have been shaved off.”