They want your cash

A NEW wave of e-mail scams is coming our way. The Review office has had numerous e-mails, allegedly from banks, giving us ‘alarming’ news.

A recent one told us: “Online banking access to your accounts has been blocked due to five unsuccessful Reset Code tries for your security.

“This message has been sent to you from Lloyds TSB Bank because your account has been accessed from a blacklisted location or device.

“Our monitoring team safeguards your account when there is a possibility that someone other than you is trying to log on your account. Your access would be restored when you verify your account information correctly.

“Please follow the link below. Log in to verify your Account.”

Do not, under any circumstances, log in. Firstly, that provides a direct link to your computer; then you might be conned into giving away account or PIN numbers.

And if you are still in even the remotest doubt about your account, contact your bank directly, either using a number in the ‘phone book, or taking one from a statement your bank has sent you.