Thieves make off with tonne of lead

Deterrent: Boulders have been placed across access roads at Sunnyside to try to deter vehicles.'Staff photograph
Deterrent: Boulders have been placed across access roads at Sunnyside to try to deter vehicles.'Staff photograph

AROUND £800 worth of lead has been stolen in the latest theft from Sunnyside Hospital.

The 22 lead sheets were stripped from the hospital’s roof during the incident, which happened some time on Wednesday, April 24.

Buildings around the site have been targeted on several occasions over the last few years, with several high value thefts running into tens of thousands of pounds.

In one incident, £10,000 worth of copper was stolen from the old laundry building, and a quantity of lead flashing and a copper boiler were also taken.

Since then security has been tightened up considerably and the grounds are patrolled by a security firm.

As with previous thefts, police believe a vehicle was used to take the lead, which weighed around one tonne, off the hospital site.

Local officers also conduct regular patrols in and around the hospital, and community constable Ally Hutchison this week urged the public to get in touch if they spot any suspicious activity or unusual vehicles in the village or the hospital grounds so those concerned can be traced and questioned.

He said: “As we’ve emphasised before, call us if anyone sees anything suspicious. We had one call in relation to this incident, but the report turned out to be genuine in the sense that there were contractors on site.

“I’ve been up there patrolling the area and it’s well used by local dog walkers so I’d ask that if anyone has doubts, call us at the time instead of waiting.”

Constable Hutchison added that any details provided about suspicious vehicles on or around the grounds could be useful.

He continued: “Any information can be of use, even if it’s a partial number plate, or colour and make of the vehicle or even the direction in which it was travelling.

“With having just one force now, it doesn’t take much for our colleagues in Grampian to be contacted and be ready to help.”

Anyone who remembers seeing anyone acting suspiciously in the area, or anyone who can identify those responsible, should contact Police Scotland Tayside Division on 101 or speak to any police officer.

Information can also be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.