When will this intolerable mess finally be cleared up?

JOHN Ritchie’s photograph [last week’s Review] of piles of dog mess in Wharf Street has prompted a couple of readers to get in touch.

Both have asked not to be named, but the first, after wholeheartedly agreeing with Mr Ritchie’s condemnation, has added a list of “other areas in the town where more illegal anti-social dog-fouling occurs”.

His list is as follows:

• All children’s play areas

• Lidl shopping area

• Borrowfield Park

• Lochside Crescent and Newhame Road

• Piccadilly Northesk Road.

He concluded sadly: “In fact, most areas in Montrose.”

The second person who contacted us is concerned not only with the health risk to residents of the town, but also with the impact this must have on visitors.

He cited ‘Railway Close’ which cuts through from the area of the station to High Street, and added: “It is heavily used by pedestrians, yet is absolutely filthy.

“There is usually dog mess at some point, and sadly ‘treadmarks’ where innocent people have stood on it.”

He added: “This has been going on for a long time, and it doesn’t change.”

Other areas named by this gentleman as being heavily polluted included:

Western Road from the site of the old gas works, to the garages

Queen Street and Market Street.

Both agreed that enforcement and prosecutions must be rigorously pursued.