Cup clashes are close

SOME close matches were played in Montrose Pool League with four clashes going to a play-off during the first round of the Division Cups.

Black Abbot Lounge, Hillside Knights and Marykirk all did well to defeat teams who finished in better league positions.

The results were as follows: A Division - Montrose BC 8 Northern Vaults 7, Caledonia GC 1 Golf Inn Bar 7, Neptune Bar 7 Neptune Lounge 3, Black Abbot Lounge 7 Golf Inn Lounge 4.

B Division - Hillside Knights 8 Albert Tigers 7, Star Hotel 0 Black Abbot Monks 7, Anchor Hoose 8 Royal Montrose 7, Northern Vaults A 6 Marykirk 8.

The semi-finals will be held tonight (Thursday, March 10): A Division - Neptune Bar v Golf Inn Bar at Montrose BC; Montrose BC v Black Abbot Lounge at Neptune.

B Division - Marykirk v Anchor Hoose at Black Abbot; Black Abbot Monks v Hillside at Marykirk.