Cute canine calendar helps fund cure

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The family of three-year-old Eliza McKinney, who have ties with the Luthermuir area, have been in touch this week to let us know about a special calendar they have produced, to help raise funds for a little-known charity.

The proceeds from the calendar of cute doggy images will go towards finding treatments, and a possible cure, for Rett Syndrome, which is a rare neurological condition affecting the grey matter of the brain.

Rett traps little girls inside their bodies, and syndrome sufferer Eliza is unable to stand or walk, and cannot speak or use her hands purposefully. Family member Kathleen McKinney told us about Eliza and the condition that affects every aspect of her life.

She said: “Eliza cannot wave or point, or help to dress herself or say Mummy or Daddy. Rett Syndrome affects 1 in 12,000 girls born worldwide, who typically develop normally until around the age of one, when they start to lose the skills they have learned and fail to reach any further milestones.

“Eliza lives with her Dad and Mum, Ross and Catherine, and was a beautiful, happy, healthy and contented baby, but now at just 3 years of age, Rett has stolen so many things from her. She would love to be able to play with her big brother and little sister but is unable to join in their fun.

“Rett Syngrome has been proven to be curable in a lab and scientists are working on research to find a potential cure. Eliza’s aunt and uncle have kindly produced a very cute calendar of their Lomondhills Labradoodles and funds from the sale of these calendars will go to the charity Reverse Rett, to fund further research.”

If you would like to order a calendar, priced at £10 each, please contact Gordon or Kathleen McKinney on 01674 840229. For more information about the condition, visit