Cyclists risking seizure of bikes

POLICE in Montrose will crack down on cyclists caught without lights on the area’s streets by confiscating their bikes.

Acting Inspector Hamish Gray told Montrose community councillors of the move after Councillor David May raised the subject at the committee’s recent meeting.

Mr May said the subject of cyclists, particularly young people, failing to make themselves visible enough to other road users in the early mornings or evenings is an issue raised every year. He asked officers could tackle the problem as part of Tayside Police’s winter Operation After Dark initiative but pointed out that cycling is something that should be encouraged.

He said: “It’s definitely something we want to encourage, especially in terms of fitness of and I know that at the academy a lot of children cycle to school. With the clocks changing they will need lights to get to and from school and the more involved they get the better.

Acting Inspector Gray said: “This year we intend to take the bikes from youngsters and then call their parents. The bikes will be taken back to the police office where they will be kept until the parents come to collect them, and only the parents will be able to take them away.”

Community Constable Ally Hutchison also said an application has been made for funding to provide lights for distribution and added that the town’s paperboys and girls, who have been criticised in previous years, will be approached to make sure they stay safe during the shorter days.