Danielle’s hair-raising charity challenge

Danielle Ormond is shaving her head for a charity close to her heart
Danielle Ormond is shaving her head for a charity close to her heart

Kind-hearted Danielle Ormond is going to hair-raising lengths to raise cash for a charity close to her heart.

Miss Ormond (31) will be having her head shaved at Bodywork hairdressers, Murray Street, Montrose, on February 28 in aid of Cancer Research, after her friend was diagnosed with the disease.

Patrice Taylor (29), who lives in Wales, was diagnosed with breast cancer three months ago and is currently undergoing treatment.

Miss Ormond, who lives just outside of Montrose, said: “When I found out that my wonderful friend Patrice had cancer, I knew I had to do something to help.

“As I am not a doctor and don’t have a money tree in the garden, I decided to do various fund-raising events, which will be kicked off by shaving my head.

“I felt so sorry for Patrice when she lost her hair and I know I would struggle to cope, so I have decided to give up mine too.”

Some of Miss Taylor’s friends have dyed their hair pink in support but Miss Ormond wanted to go one step further.

The website owner said: “I dyed my hair pink when I was younger and I felt that I wanted to do something bigger.

“You’ve got to do something big to make people want to part with their cash.

“I think shaving my head will raise a lot of awareness as well.”

She added: “Patrice and I were pregnant together and that’s what really spurred me on to do something.

“As Patrice has a little one the same age as my daughter Lola, I have made my target Lola’s birth date.”

Miss Ormond hopes to raise £1,007.12 as 19-month-old Lola was born on July 10, 2012. She has raised more than £750 so far.

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/DanielleO.