Darcey helps those with hair-loss through illness

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A HEARTWARMING tale has come our way thanks to local lady Kirsty McIntosh, who owns the Odyssee hair studio in Johnshaven.

Kirsty said: “I have been inspired by many people, but no one has inspired me as much as a very special little girl called Darcey Ralph.

“Darcey, who is 10 years old, has been coming to the salon for years and has only ever wanted a little trim. Last week she had a new request to ‘cut off at least six inches’.”

Taken aback, Kirsty asked Darcey why she had decided on this change of style.

Kirsty takes up the story again: “She wanted to donate her cherished locks to make wigs for other children who had suffered hair loss.

“Her mother, Helen, had been looking on the internet as she is from America where it is common practice to donate your hair.

“She discovered the Little Princess Trust. They are a charity that provided good quality, realistic wigs for children who have lost their hair mainly due to cancer.”

This can be a terribly difficult thing, particularly for children, and Kirsty says the charity is a fantastic way to help them.

She continued: “Thinking that very little within the hair/fashion industry gets past me, I’m ashamed to admit I had never heard of this charity before.

“I thought if someone like me, a hairdresser that also does wig-fitting, hasn’t heard of it then there must be many more that haven’t.

“Anyone with more than six inches of extra hair can help by having it cut and donating it to Little Princess Trust.”

Kirsty has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the work of the charity and went on: “Every charity needs funding to keep up their good work and this is where I can help. If anyone would like to follow Darcey’s footsteps I can provide them with a sponsor form prior to getting their hair cut so, together, we can not only provide them with the much-needed hair, but also some extra cash. I will also give them a pack from The Little Princess trust.

“All they have to do is call the salon on 01561 362035.”

Kirsty has also spoken to Wendy, the founder of the Little Princess Trust, and was told that she founded the trust in memory of her own daughter back in 2006.

“She continued: “They helped 36 children in the first year and have provided wigs for 700 children since they started. Three hundred children had new hair last year.”

More information about the Little Princess Trust can be found at www.littleprincesses.org.uk