Debut album for Montrose rock band!

Montrose rock band If All Else Fails release their debut album ‘Introspective’ on Saturday (August 2) at a launch party at B@r, Hume Street.

‘Introspective’ features the musical talents of Scott Grant, Jamie Kinghorn, Lewis Paton and Stuart Thomson. The album was recorded entirely in Montrose, produced by the band’s own singer, known to his friends and fans as Stooshy.

Having learned the craft of recording from his mentor Mo Dickson at the Montrose YM, Thomson was clear that the album would be self-produced, on the band’s own terms. “Last year we self-produced our EP, ‘We Dream of Nothing’ and the reaction was really positive so we didn’t see any reason to go to a professional studio.

“In any case, the accessibility of pro-level recording software makes it easier than ever to get great recording from your own bedroom,” said Thomson.

While the drums on ‘Introspective’ were recorded at the YM, the rest of the instruments and vocals were recorded in the band member’s houses. But according to the band, this does not mean that the quality of the recording is inferior.

““We are incredibly proud of this album,” said guitarist Grant. “We used several albums as reference material, and I’ve got to say that Introspective stands up well against them. Stooshy has done a fantastic job.” Featuring 10 tracks written by the band, Introspective will be available on CD at the album launch party at B@r.

Popular Montrose rock band Late Landing and Dundee’s Millsyeck will also be performing on the night.