Delay in opening new leisure centre - now November 17

THE OPENING of the new Montrose Pool and Leisure Centre has been delayed by two weeks, moving the opening date to November 17.

The new pool has been built to replace the existing 50-year-old, crumbling pool, which has had a poor life-span because of design flaws.

Despite Forfar’s pool being far older than the current Montrose facility, it was decided that the Montrose pool should be replaced because of the state of the building. It appears to have been touch-and-go whether the old pool would be able to keep going until the opening of the new one.

But despite the delay, the build is being hailed as a resounding success.

Councillor David May said: “This new sports hub will be fantastic for Montrose as well as Angus residents, and be a very considerable addition to the menu of what we in Angus can offer for tourists. The new state of the art pool and leisure facility is a real legacy we will be leaving for future generations.

“On my visit to the new sports hub I was very impressed by the high quality of workmanship and the excellent range of facilities which will be available to all ages and abilities. Congratulations to the design team and the contractor for the superb job that they have done.”