Delightful dinner detour to Belvedere Hotel

Belvedere Hotel, Stonehaven
Belvedere Hotel, Stonehaven

On a recent trip to celebrate a family birthday, my partner Ryan and I decided to break up the journey from Aberdeen by stopping in Stonehaven to grab a bite.

We opted to eat in the Belvedere Hotel on Evan Street, largely due to the fact it wasn’t too far off our main route.

We had the option of eating in the restaurant or at the bar. As nice as the restaurant looked, we would have been the only two people in it so we chose to sit in the busier bar area, which had a view of the hotel’s lovely beer garden.

The service was great - when we ordered drinks at the bar, we didn’t have to ask for menus as staff made sure to ask if we were wanting to order food.

As you would expect of an eatery in a harbour town, there was plenty of fish on the menu.

I’m not a huge fan of fish so I was very pleased that their non-seafood choices were varied.

Ryan ordered a cheeseburger, which came with french fries, side salad and tomato relish.

I ended up choosing the chicken goujons, which also came with fries and garlic mayonnaise. As I asked for no salad, the kitchen were kind enough to add a few extra fries to my plate.

There was the option to order a half portion of the main meals, and after seeing the size of my plate I understood why.

The battered chicken was lovely, with the chicken still moist in the middle. Perhaps the batter could have been a bit crisper, but I still happily polished the goujons off.

The fries, while cooked the way I like them, ended up with most of them left on the plate as there were just too many of them.

Ryan’s burger had a generous helping of melted cheese on top, and the bun was lovely and soft.

Unlike me, he did manage to finish off his fries. He rarely comments on how good the chips are when we eat out, so for him to do it on this occasion was definitely high praise indeed.

Given that I came nowhere near to finishing my main, pudding was certainly out of the question.

With £20 spent on our dinner, however, and two chocolate mints to enjoy on the drive home, neither of us left disappointed.