Democracy but slowly

HILLSIDE, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council has the luxury of being at almost full strength, with only one vacancy.

But attempts to fill that vacancy by co-option or election have been thwarted for almost a year by procedural problems and inconclusive votes.

Co-option is not possible when there is more than one person willing to fill the vacancy.

And it is necessary for a successful candidate to have two-thirds of votes cast.

Three candidates had been properly nominated at Wednesday’s meeting in Hillside village hall, and the voting resulted as follows.

Joe Doig 4 votes

Joy Turriff 3 votes

Graham Steven 0 votes

This did not meet the two-thirds criterion, therefore it was not possible to declare a candidate elected.

The secretary, Joan Dunn, then intimated that she had decided to step down both as secretary and as a member of the community council.

She said that she just had too much on her plate and would have to make a sacrifice among the things she was doing.

Ms Dunn added that this meant that at the April meeting there would be two vacancies.

Community councillor Jean Stubbs then suggested that as there would be two vacancies, and two candidates had received votes, the problem had just been solved.

However, it became clear that to satisfy the bureaucratic straitjacket in which most of us lead our lives these days, what Mrs Stubbs had suggested, common sense though most people had found it, was not possible.

The Review understands that it might all be sorted at the next meeting, on April 11, at which an election for two members will be conducted in accordance with community council rules.

Also on the agenda for the next meeting will be the problem of young teenagers hurtling about fields on quad bikes at Kinnaber, without crash helmets or any form of protection.

A witness told the Review that the quads travel at a high speed in an area where there are rabbit burrows, and it is not inconceivable that a rider could go over the handlebars as a result.

We understand that police have been informed of the dangers being caused to young people.