Devoted Montrose mum is raising funds for her son

Aidan and his mum Debbie
Aidan and his mum Debbie

A devoted Montrose mum is on a mission to raise funds to give a voice to her son who has a rare undiagnosed condition affecting his speech.

Debbie McFarlane (34) has organised fund-raising events to raise the cash needed to pay for a electronic communication aid for her five-year-old-son Aidan, who doctors believe has developmental verbal dyspraxia.

Aidan is currently undergoing assessments for NHS funding for an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) electronic aid.

In case he does not meet the requirements, Miss McFarlane has begun fund-raising for an AAC, which could cost as much as £8,000.

She said: “If Aidan doesn’t get NHS funding, the money will go towards getting him one. If he does, then the money will go towards travel costs for him to go hospital in London and for private treatment in the city.”

Miss McFarlane, of Baird Way in Borrowfield, set up a Facebook page, ‘Aidan’s Voice, last month to raise awareness about her son’s condition, which already has more than 800 likes.

She said: “It’s all kicked off since setting up the page.

“I think it is important to raise awareness to make society realise that people have these conditions and for them to understand that it’s not because Aidan doesn’t want to talk, he can’t.”

Already, people have donated money online to help pay for an ACC for Aidan.

The Black Abbot hosted a Body Shop party,, raising £338, which was spilt between Aidan and another youngster from the town who has muscular dystrophy.

Aidan’s sister Megan (16) volunteered do a bungee jump to raise funds for an ACC for him, and now 20 people have signed up to do the daring jump off of a bridge in Killiecrankie, in Perthshire, on April 5.

Miss McFarlane said: “I can’t believe that people want to do something like this for my son.

“Montrose is a really caring community. People want to help. It’s amazing how generous people in the town are.”

A race night has also been organised for April 26 in the Black Abbot.