Dey welcomes broadband pledge

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An election pledge to provide superfast broadband access throughout Scotland has been welcomed by the SNP candidate for our area.

Graeme Dey, the SNP candidate for Angus South, has welcomed a commitment from Nicola Sturgeon that every home and business in Scotland will have access to superfast broadband under an SNP government.

The SNP Scottish Government’s Digital Broadband Scotland programme has already delivered superfast broadband to 85 per cent of premises in Scotland, and is on track to ensure 95 per cent of premises – both homes and businesses – have access to superfast broadband by the middle of the next Parliament.

Mr Dey has wholeheartedly endorsed the pledge that over the course of the next Parliament a re-elected SNP Government will use innovative schemes, new technologies and provide financial backing to deliver superfast broadband to the remaining 5 per cent of homes and businesses.

Mr Dey commented: “Having served as the MSP for Angus South since 2011 it is abundantly clear to me just how vital broadband is. Whether it is at home or at work and whether people are in urban or rural areas, the need to be able to access reliable broadband services remains the same.

“Significant progress on broadband delivery has been made but there remain too many remote, and not so remote, areas which are not enjoying the level of access they need to.

“The work of Community Broadband Scotland, using innovative technologies, is already helping tackle that. The SNP’s commitment to resource an expansion of that so every home and business is reached is both welcome and significant.’’