Dinner is a winner at the Kinners!

It’s always risky when a hotel or restaurant known for quality food changes its menu from something that has served them so well.

But these fears would prove to be unfounded at Carnoustie’s Kinloch Arms Hotel.

With a new chef at the helm in the kitchen, the popular hotel has recently revamped its offering.

And it is certainly worth sampling.

The great thing is that wholesale changes have been avoided. Favourites such as the ‘Famous Kinloch Steak Pie’ remain and the addition of special dishes that change on a weekly basis is most welcome indeed.

Being fans of pub favourites, we skipped the starters (which certainly looked appetising) and went straight to the main event.

My fish and chips, with the fish in a beer batter, certainly had the ‘Wow!’ factor when it was brought out by our attentive waitress.

It could only be described as ‘whale like’ and, to be honest, it seemed a shame to cut into it.

However, on doing so, a crunchy delicate batter revealed a succulent perfectly cooked piece of fish. The tartare sauce was delicious and it was a joyful meal.

My dining partner chose the beef burger with cheese and bacon. The burger was so big, it was almost impossible to bite into it given its sheer size.

However, due to a hungry stomach, she quickly overcame the obstacle.

Instead of being served with chips, she opted for curly fries, which made a refreshing change from the normal accompaniment.

My whale had me beat, so I couldn’t contemplate a dessert.

However, my colleague chose sticky toffee pudding which, on arrival, was presented so beautifully that it was art on a plate.

And the flavours didn’t disappoint either, being light, not stodgy, and going perfectly with the vanilla ice cream it was served with.

The Kinloch Arms, in our minds, was an absolute winner. It is the ideal venue if you enjoy traditional pub fare or wish to go out for a special dinner.

The hotel regularly holds themed dining events with one planned for Mother’s Day on March 30.