Disgusting close cleaned up


The filthy ‘closie’ behind the former Dorothy Perkins shop has been cleaned after angry townsfolk called for something to be done about the state of it.

The Review reported last week that residents living in the Servite House sheltered accommodation, on Standard Close, which backs onto the ‘closie’ were calling for the council and police to monitor and clean it.

Residents said that people were drinking on a every weekend down the close and leaving a mess.

The Civic Pride Group went in and cleaned up the close last week.

Councillor Bill Duff, member of the group, said: “I got someone down from the council who cleans up areas where there is a lot dog fouling to tidy up the close, they got rid of the mess and cleaned up the bottles and cans as well.

“It is better but it’s still pretty messy in my view, there are a lot of weeds. I think the plan is to get some people in from the Criminal Justice to come in and do some weeding.

“The close should be the responsibility of the property who owns it, but that is easier said than done as it is a grey area as to who owns it.”

He said the Civic Pride group is looking at trying to get a grant to clean up some of the other closes in Montrose.

Councillor Duff concluded: “This is only a one off to get the ball rolling and get the standard of the closes up. The Civic Pride Group or the council will be contacting the owners of the adjacent buildings explaining that they need to take some responsibility for the closes.”

Jim Shaw (60), a resident of Servite House, said: “Now the close has been cleaned the residents will be keeping a closer eye on it.”

If you know of a close that needs cleaning up or an area which has a lot of dog fouling contact Councillor Duff on 01397 473000 or email cllrduff@angus.gov.uk