Dismay over disabled parking bays at Montrose health centre

Links Health Centre, Montrose
Links Health Centre, Montrose

Disabled visitors to the Links Health Centre in Montrose say they have been struggling to find a suitable place to park for more than a year.

They claim that able-bodied drivers are taking their spaces.

The parking bays at the Frank Wood Way facility have been severely neglected by the owners of the building and grounds, which has led to the lines fading to nothing and leaving the bays indistinct.

Drivers and passengers with disabled badges say they are finding their spaces full and so must circle and find a space in a suitable bay a long way from the surgery.

Despite intervention from local Lib Dem Councillor David May, who was made aware of the problem more than 12 months ago, it is clear the lines are still just as bad as ever.

Mr May said: “Over a year ago, I got in touch with the health centre as I had complaints about the number of able bodied drivers parking in the parking spaces immediately in front of the front door of the centre, which were supposed to be reserved for the those who had a disabled badge.

“On investigation it was clear that the disabled symbols were needing repainted as they were badly faded.”

He went on: “I was told that the NHS and the health centre who used the building leased it from a property company, and I am aware that contact had been made with the company to get the lines repainted.

“I have now made direct contact myself with the property company to get the work done as a matter of urgency, as the parking spaces in front of the health centre are needed by those who have the disabled badges as presently many have to walk from other free spaces, some of which are quite a distance away, and others have to get their driver to temporarily park in what is the emergency vehicle space.”

”Until the lines are repainted I urge car drivers, who do not have disabled badges, to leave the spaces directly in front of the centre for those who are disabled.”

The Review contacted the owners on of the health centre who said that they were aware of the problem and were waiting for a review of maintenance to reach the top of their list of priorities before they chose a contractor.

They said: “It should be done by the end of summer.”