Disturbances and speeding discussed

MEMBERS of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council reported at their recent meeting that members of the public had told them of late-night disturbances on Kinnaber Road between the village and the railway bridge.

One member related an incident which she had witnessed personally.

It was agreed to pass on these concerns to the appropriate authorities.

Speeding vehicles in the vicinity of Westmount Cottages were again discussed. Angus Councillor Bill Duff said that he and Councillor David May had met police officers who will monitor the area. It was suggested by community councillors that speed check cables be placed across the road to give an indication of how bad the problem is, as had been done elsewhere in the area. It was noted that although work had been done to cut back shrubbery obscuring 30mph limit signs, more trimming is required.

A resident has offered to monitor traffic from 6am and present her findings to a future meeting.