Does anyone have a Sandy handy?

Pictured are some of the orphans with Katie and Catriona.
Pictured are some of the orphans with Katie and Catriona.

Sandy! Sandy! Wherefore art thou, Sandy? To paraphrase the words of the Bard, that is what The Song Shop are looking for their latest show.

Rehearsals for The Song Shop’s summer performances of the smash-hit musical, “Annie”, are well underway, but there remains an important role that still has to be filled for the production.

To complete the cast, The Song Shop team are looking to recruit a docile, friendly and obedient canine to take on the role of “Sandy”, a stray dog that little orphan Annie befriends, as she wanders around the streets of New York City.

The role of Annie is being shared between two performers, Katie Annandale and Catriona Taylor, each with their own team of orphans, over the run of six shows in late June.

The shows will run from Tuesday, June 22, to Saturday, June 27, in Montrose Town Hall.

The role of “Sandy” is also one which could be shared between two performers. Anyone who thinks their four-legged friend has the required star quality and stage presence and is interested in putting their pet up for the role should contact Song Shop founder Fraser McGlynn. He is available on 01674 673236 or by e-mail on and will be happy to arrange an ‘audition’ for any prospective canine DiCaprio or doggy De Niro.

Any prospective “Sandys” would need to be accompanied by their own chaperone, who would be expected to remain throughout the performances, which start at 7.30pm and end around 9.45pm,

There will also be a matinee performance on the Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm.

Tickets for the shows are available now through cast members, and can be purchased from Henry Hogg’s Newsagents, Montrose from Monday, June 8.